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Baby Shower

Baby shower balloons
Are you expecting a baby and want to throw a surprise party for the Mum-to-be? Have you decided to get all your friends and family together to celebrate the most important event of your life? We're here to add that special touch by decorating your party with helium balloons, creating emotions that will be remembered for years to come. Focus on what truly matters, enjoy the moment and leave the rest to us.

The BalloonBar catalogue has a huge selection of themed balloon collections dedicated to the birth of a baby. There are compositions that will create a festive atmosphere at the discharge from the maternity hospital, at the gender reveal party or baby shower, at the celebration of the first birthday.

We deliver balloons anytime and anywhere in Dubai, whether you need to decorate a maternity ward or elegantly enhance an outdoor baby shower event. Latex helium balloons are coated with a special polymer composition, so they retain their ability to fly for longer.

Not sure what to choose or want to create something special? Caught in the whirlwind of last minute preparations? Don't worry. Just call us. We have a range of options just waiting to be shared with you.

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