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Halloween BALLONS

Looking forward to the most vibrant fancy dress party of the year? Don't miss the chance to add to the festivities with a themed selection of Halloween balloons. Creating a fun atmosphere or decorating in true horror style is child's play. Just give us a call or leave an enquiry at BalloonBar.ae. Same day delivery anywhere in Dubai, whether you're hosting a show on the 50th floor of the Burj Khalifa or planning a midnight surprise in a spooky empty lot.

We have carefully selected our collection of Halloween themed balloons. In our catalogue:

  • A wide range of shapes and sizes, there are latex and foil balloons;
  • Latex Halloween balloons are coated with a special lacquer to keep them in shape;
  • You can order a small bouquet as a gift, a garland or a complete decoration for a party.

With Balloonbar, distance and time are no longer an issue when it comes to delighting your loved ones or throwing a party. We deliver balloons on the day of the order or according to a pre-arranged schedule to any point in Dubai. Call us or add your favourite items to your shopping basket, specify the time and place and submit your request online. We accept orders around the clock.
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